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Septic Tank vs. Holding Tank: What's the Difference?

Septic tanks and holding tanks are two underground sewage disposal solutions for buildings which are not connected to a municipal sewer system.

Many homes and businesses throughout the Alberta Capital Region rely on one of these two options and on the Edmonton sump and septic services which help maintain them.

At Magnan - NSD Vac Truck Service, providers of septic services in the capital region, we are often asked what the difference between septic and holding tanks is, and which one is better. Let's take a look.

Septic Tanks and Holding Tanks Compared 

A septic tank is an underground container which collects all of the wastewater from a home or facility. The solids and the liquids are separated, and the solids are broken down by bacterial process. Some septic systems have only one compartment, while others make use of two or more in order to break down the solids further. Once broken down, the solids are carried along with the liquids out of the septic tank and into a septic leeching field.

A holding tank, as you would expect by its name, only provides secure waste containment. It does not process and treat waste as a septic tank does, nor leach it into the ground. The waste must be regularly pumped out by a company providing Edmonton area vacuum truck services. If not regularly pumped, a holding tank will experience backups.

Septic tanks, while they process and remove waste on their own, do need to be pumped from time to time as well. The frequency with which septic and holding tanks should be pumped depends on how much wastewater a building produces. However, a holding tank will always need regular septic services more often than a similarlysized septic tank.

Which One Should You Choose? 

A septic tank is generally considered to be the better of the two options, as it can do everything a holding tank can do, and more. However, a septic tank and its accompanying septic leeching field is sometimes not an option. Leech field building may be prohibited or simply not possible because of soil conditions and space limitations.

In such cases, a holding tank provides a perfectly adequate solution to wastewater storage. Sure, you'll be calling for a vacuum truck services more often, but working with the right company can make the process easy.

Edmonton, Leduc, Sherwood Park, Nisku, Leduc County and Strathcona County Septic Services 

Whether you have a septic tank or a holding tank, Magnan - NSD Vac Truck Service is here to provide you with trusted septic services in the Capital area. Our technicians have the right tools and experience to perform regular septic or holding tank pumping, helping to prevent backups and the need for expensive repairs.

Our septic service professionals would be happy to help you decide between a septic tank and a holding tank, and let you know more about our septic services. Feel free to get in touch with Magnan - NSD Vac Truck Service today.

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