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Have a Septic Tank? Here's 12 Things to Never Flush Down the Toilet

Toilets -- whether they are connected to a septic system or a municipal sewer -- are not garbage bins. Unfortunately, a few too many people tend to use them as such. From baby diapers, to pencil shavings, to all sorts of household waste, toilets have seen everything. Magnan - NSD Vac Truck Service, providers of Edmonton and Sherwood Park septic services, strongly caution against using your toilet in this


A septic system is made up of a septic tank and a drainfield. The septic tank collects and treats a household's wastewater, separating the solids from the liquids. The liquids are sent out to the drainfield, while the solids need to be removed by Edmonton vacuum truck services.

On top of the items mentioned above, here are 12 things to never flush down your toilet if you have a septic tank.

Antibiotics are harmful for septic systems because they can kill off important septic tank bacteria.

Any medications
On top of antibiotics, medications of any kind should not be flushed down the toilet as they can actually cause a contamination of the water supply.

Paper towel/facial tissue
No other paper but toilet paper should find its way into the toilet, as neither paper towels nor facial tissue break down as easily as toilet paper

Dental floss
Dental floss might not seem harmful in small quantities, but it is not biodegradable and may end up clogging the septic pump.

Cotton balls/cotton swabs
Cotton balls or swabs may seem like they could break down in the septic system, but they don't, and can end up causing a blockage over time.

Dryer sheets
Dryer sheets also will not disintegrate in your septic system, as they are made out of synthetic materials.

Tampons or pads
Tampons and pads are specifically designed to be liquid absorbent and to expand, making them liable to cause major clogs.

Baby wipes
It may be tempting to just toss baby wipes into the toilet, but they will not biodegrade and can cause problems when enough of them accumulate.

Kitty litter
Kitty litter contains clay particles which can easily clog up pipes when sent down the drain.

Oil and grease
When in liquid form, oil and grease might seem harmless. They will, however, eventually cool and solidify and easily cause a clog.

Cigarette butts
Cigarette butts, particularly the filters, will not biodegrade and can end up clogging your septic pump.

Band aids
Band aids, whether they are made from plastic or from cloth, will also not biodegrade in your septic system.

At the end of the day, just remember that the only two things which should ever be flushed down a toilet are toilet paper and human waste. Anything else and you may find yourself needing septic services in Edmonton and the County of Strathcona sooner than usual.

If something has gotten into your septic system and is causing you problems, then you need to call in a professional as soon as possible. At Magnan - NSD Vac Truck Service our Edmonton sump and septic services can help clear up the issue in no time, so don't wait to get in touch with us today.

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