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Things to Do When the Septic Alarm Goes Off

Septic tank and alarm are three words you definitely would rather not hear in the same sentence! Unfortunately for home owners, septic tank alarms can go off.

What should you do if your septic tank alarm goes off?

Don't panic! Septic tank alarms are there to let you know when the liquid in your holding tank has reached a critical level. Without an alarm, an overflowing holding tank could back up in your home, or overflow in your garden, creating a smelly mess. If the alarm goes off, it's doing its job and you have time to act.

• First thing to do is silence the alarm. Alarms normally comprise two lights. The green one tells you the alarm is armed. The red one tells you it is triggered and will stay on after it is silenced until the problem is solved.

• Next, check your breaker panel to see if the septic breaker is tripped. If it is, reset it. If resetting the breaker starts the septic pump, the alarm should stop within a few minutes. If the breaker trips again, it means a problem with the pump or breaker and a professional should be called in immediately. Resetting the breaker repeatedly could damage the pump. Contact us, Magnan-NSD Septic Services, for septic services in Edmonton. If breakers are not tripped, or resetting the breaker does not start the pump, call in a professional and stop using all water in the house until a technician can fix the issue or the red alarm light turns off on its own.

What can cause the septic tank alarm to go off?

• There is too much water being used in the house and the system can't keep up. If this is an ongoing issue, the septic system may need to be updated.

• If your septic system is on a timer, it's possible your system is overloaded until the next scheduled pumping.

• There is a leak and the pump can't handle the groundwater getting in the system.

• The septic pump is malfunctioning or clogged, or there could be something wrong with the alarm itself, the floats or the timer.

• In any of these cases, stop using water in the house until the problem can be remedied! If you don't, you may find yourself dealing with the far more serious issue of sewage backup in the house.

For septic services in Edmonton call Magnan-NSD Septic Services at 780-467-2619. We can also handle all your sump services in Edmonton.
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