Car Wash Sump Services in Edmonton

If you own or manage a car wash, you know all about the car wash sump, also known as the waste pump or the sludge pit. The place where all of the grit, sand, cleaning chemicals and dirt from each car you wash is drained to. With proper maintenance, the car wash sump prevents flooding and water backup at your car wash.

To sustain proper functioning, maintenance is necessary. Magnan – NSD Vac Truck Service offers car wash sump services in Edmonton to help preserve and maintain your water systems. We can also clean out the tracks or sumps and dispose of the waste material properly so it won’t invade your drainage system. 

Our Car Wash Sump Services

Car wash sumps have many parts that go into draining water and keeping sediment at bay. Parts include the well, the catch basins and the drains. Each of these parts will need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis so that no unwanted particles make it into the drain system, which could lead to expensive plumbing repairs from clogged pipes.

Over time, sediment can get into wells and build up on the bottom to prevent proper draining. If your car wash sump isn’t draining, Magnan – NSD Vac Truck Service can clean out the contents and jet the lines to get it properly flowing.

If your parking lot is flooding, or if you are uncertain of the last time your catch basins were serviced, give us a call so we can assess the situation and develop of plan of action to solve the problem. Our car wash sump cleaning process stops sediments and grit from reaching the pump. This prevents the buildup on the bottom of your tank, which maintains a larger sized well and prevents flooding and overflowing. 

Why Call a Professional

Sump wastes, while not always harmful, have the potential to be hazardous. To this end, there are laws in place stating where these materials can be disposed to. Magnan – NSD Vac Truck Service has the skill and experience to properly drain and dispose of the potentially hazardous materials in your sump system. Sump wastes from car wash bays are made up of:

  • Water
  • Detergents
  • Salts
  • Glycols
  • Hydocarbons
  • Dirt
  • Grit
  • Rust
  • Paint Chips
  • And more

Metals from rust, used oil and even anti-freeze are often present in the waste, but they’re rarely at levels high enough to be considered hazardous. Hydrocarbons, which are found in gasoline, oil and grease, more often do render the waste hazardous. Because of this, car wash sump waste must be recycled or disposed of at an approved waste management facility.

When you call Magnan – NSD Vac Truck Service, we can handle the disposal process for you. Our team will pump the sludge from you system into filter bags that will allow the cleaner water to flow free into the sewer while removing the potentially harmful sludge. We let the bags dry out then dispose of them in approved waste management facilities so you don’t have to. 

Contact Us for Sump Services in Edmonton

We recommend you have your sumps examined once a year to keep them running effectively. If you’re generating high amounts of sludge, you may want to have your catch basins emptied more frequently. Cleaning out the dirt, gravel, sand and other debris from your system will increase the efficiency and extend the life of the pump.

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