Sump Services & Vacuum Truck Services in Edmonton

On just about any street, you can find a storm drain ready and waiting to help mitigate flooding on roads. A catch basin is a part of storm drains that is designed to trap debris so it won’t enter drainage pipes and cause plumbing problems. A commercial sump pump helps remove the water and debris that accumulates in the catch basin to prevent flooding.

Magnan – NSD Vac Truck Service offers sump services Edmonton can rely on to remove the materials that accumulate in your commercial and municipal sump pumps and catch basins. Our company has the equipment, vacuum trucks and expertise to remove and dispose water and grit that gathers in catch basins.

Sediment and debris removed from catch basins can potentially be classified as hazardous waste, so authorized personnel, such as Magnan – NSD Vac Truck Service, are the only ones who can transport this type of waste to the appropriate facilities. Our sump services in Edmonton combine vacuum and high pressure cleaning units for municipal, storm and sanitary sewer lines and catch basins.

How to Maintain Your Commercial Sump

Commercial sumps are designed to operate for years, but they need regular maintenance for that to be possible. It’s imperative to ensure that any maintenance and repairs you need on your commercial sump are done by a professional so your system will continue to work. Regular maintenance includes inspecting and cleaning the sump, pump, catch basins and well.

Ideally, your sump pump should be inspected at least once a year to maintain proper functioning. If your pump runs continuously due to a high water table or excess drainage, you may need additional sump examinations throughout the year to ensure there are no problems with your system.

On a regular basis, you should also check for obstructions within the sump pump’s discharge line since such issues can cause the system to work harder and wear out sooner. The experts at Magnan – NSD Vac Truck Service offer these types of inspections to ensure your system will last for years to come.

Powerful Vacuum Trucks for Sump Services 

Your commercial sump pump will most likely be either floor-mounted or submersible. No matter which system you have, our team can troubleshoot your situation and recommend a fast and efficient solution to resolve your problem. Our fully equipped vacuum truck systems can assist in the removal of all kinds of sump debris, able to handle jobs of all sizes safely and effectively.

If you need to remove excess water from underground work areas, you can rely on us to be there before your work crews show up, saving you time and money. We also have experience helping with parking lot flooding and black water removal.

Call for Commercial Sump Services in Calgary

If you need commercial sump services in Edmonton, call Magnan – NSD Vac Truck Services. We offer free estimates for our commercial, industrial and residential clients. With our 24-hour answering service, our team can help you tackle all your commercial sump issues in a timely manner. Our service area includes Sherwood Park, Ardrossan, New Sarepta and more, so you know who to call for sump services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

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