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Magnan Vac Truck Service provides commercial sump cleaning, maintenance, and repair in Edmonton.

At Magnan Vac Truck Service, we offer vacuum truck services Edmonton can rely on to remove the materials that accumulate in your commercial sump pump and catch basins.

We have the equipment, trucks and expertise to remove and dispose water and grit that gathers in catch basins. Sediment and debris removed from catch basins can potentially be classified as hazardous waste, and we’re authorized to transport this type of waste to the appropriate facilities environmentally.

We offer sump services in the Edmonton area that combines vacuum and high pressure cleaning units for municipal, storm, sanitary sewer lines, and catch basins.

Commercial Sump Service

Our Vaccum Trucks

Commercial sump pumps generally come in two types: floor-mounted and submersible sumps. No matter which system you have, at Magnan Vac Truck Services we can troubleshoot your situation and recommend a  solution to fix your problem. Our powerful vacuum truck systems can assist in the removal of all kinds of sump debris. Our trucks are fully equipped to handle jobs of all sizes safely and effectively. 

If you need to remove excess water from underground work areas, you can rely on Magnan Vac Truck Services to be there before your work crews show up, saving you time and money.


We also have experience helping with parking lot flooding and black water removal.

Free Estimates

If you need commercial sump services in Edmonton, contact Magnan Vac Truck Service.


We offer free estimates for our commercial, industrial, and residential clients. With our 24-hour answering service, our team can help you tackle all your commercial sump issues in a timely manner.


Our service areas include Sherwood Park, Ardrossan, New Sarepta, Leduc County and more, so you know who to call for sump services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

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