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Our Holding Tank Services

Magnan Vac Truck Services can handle waste removal from your holding tanks. We offer vacuum truck services Edmonton residents and commercial clients can rely on. 

Holding tanks are buried in the ground to collect sewage. When choosing what size holding tank to have on your property, you should first consider the expected volume of sewage. This volume will be influenced by the number, age, gender, and behaviours of the residents and by the characteristics of your plumbing fixtures. You’ll also want to consider the hauling capacity of commercial sewage haulers in the area. Magnan Vac Truck Service trucks can carry very large amounts of sewage. 

Choosing the Right Holding Tank

Holding tanks can hold anywhere from 4,600 litres to 23,346 litres. So while they need to be emptied more frequently than other systems, holding tanks have larger capacities than some septic tanks. To this end, holding tanks are often a good option for commercial properties, where septic tank leeching field building is prohibited. Holding tanks are also good options for residential properties where soil conditions and space limitations prevent the installation of septic tanks. 

When to Service Your Holding Tank

The frequency with which you’ll need to have your holding tank emptied will depend on several factors including the size of the tank and the amount of water you use.


There is no specific timeline for holding tank pumping, as it really depends on your use of water. Everything that uses water, including showers, toilets, dishwashers, etc., will drain into your holding tank. If the holding tank becomes full, it can back up into your house or business. Many holding tanks are pumped every 6-8 weeks.

While full holding tanks can back up into your home, this doesn’t happen very often. Most holding tanks have an alarm that will alert you when the holding tank is full, as long as your tank and alarm have been kept in good condition.

Call Magnan Vac For Holding Tank Service

No matter what size holding tank you have, Magnan Vac Truck Services can handle the waste removal. We offer vacuum truck services to residents and commercial clients that you can rely on. 

As holding tanks do not process sewage like septic tanks, they need to be serviced more frequently in comparison to other systems. Even with that in mind, holding tanks are the right choice in situations where septic tanks cannot be installed.

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