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At Magnan Vac we offer full-service cleaning to all sizes of septic tanks.


 Magnan Vac can empty your holding tank making the process stress free


Not sure if your septic needs replacement? Let Magnan Vac inspect your tank!


We can repair and replace your pumps, and floats and unthaw frozen septic systems.

Our Septic Tank Service

Magnan Vac Truck Service also offers Stock Hydromatic and Zoeller Effluent and septic pumps and accessories for emergencies and customer needs.

Magnan Vac Truck Service offers septic services to the greater Edmonton area to commercial and residential clients.

What You Need to Know

About Septic Tanks

Most septic systems are like a stomach, solids and liquids enter the tank and are broken down by enzymes and bacteria. The liquids and liquefied solids pass to a second compartment and where they are pumped down to a field distribution center (Large intestine) where they filter through to the ground or air. Like your stomach, you don’t put anything into the tank that may kill your bacteria which will basically give your septic system a very very bad stomach ache and potentially cause problems. In other words, it’s a living organism that needs to be fed, but not abused.


Another item homeowners need to know is what type of septic tank and field distribution system. Last but not least, do you have an alarm to let you know when the septic pump has stopped. This is very important because a good alarm can potentially save you a flooded basement.

Commercial Septic Tank Service In Edmonton

Routine septic pumping and repair service is important to maintain a properly functioning commercial septic system. Poorly maintained septic systems are vulnerable to hardened grease that can cause drain problems and wastewater backups in and out of the building.


System inspections are also important to verify proper operation and identify potential problems before they cause bigger issues. Magnan Vac Truck Service inspections include:

  • Look for leaks and cracks

  • Check for signs of back up

  • Remove sludge

  • Jet clean inlet and outlet pipes

  • Clear roots and clogs from system

  • Test and repair mechanical and electrical components

  • Treat system to ensure necessary bacterial levels


The frequency your commercial septic system will need to be pumped depends on:

  • Type of business

  • Size of septic tank

  • Wastewater volume

  • Amount of organic material in the wastewater


Septic tanks with high levels of oil, fat, chemicals and grease need frequent pumping for optimal function, which reduces the likelihood of backups and controlling odours. Magnan Vac Truck Service can also repair or replace damaged pipes to allow for a more trouble-free septic system. 

Residential Septic Tank Service

Residential septic tanks require pumping every three to five years. This is far less frequent than holding tanks, due to the efforts of the leaching field. Magnan Vac Truck Service can pump out your septic tank and haul away the waste to an approved treatment and processing facility. 

In addition to septic tank pumping, our team can repair damaged septic tanks in an emergency to keep your system operating properly. We can also repair or replace damaged pipes to allow for a more efficient and long-lasting septic system

Importance of Maintaining Septic Tanks

A septic tank and field is one of least thought about items when buying and building your home; however, it is truly one of the most important and expensive items. Proper maintenance reduces unexpected back-ups and long term expenses.


A great analogy is owning and driving a premium car and never changing the oil. The car will run for a long time, but when it quits, the damage done by not having regular services it then becomes beyond repair. The same analogy can be given to your septic system. Regular maintenance will reduce the chance of breakdowns (back-ups) and extend the life of your septic tank and field. By ignoring your septic tank and not performing regular cleanings, your septic will overfill and this will significantly reduce the life of your pump and more importantly, your septic field.


If you do not know when your septic was last serviced, we highly recommend you get it emptied and set-up a regular cleaning schedule with Magnan Vac Truck Service. 

Call Magnan Vac For Septic Tank Service

Magnan Vac Truck Service provides septic services to Edmonton and the surrounding area. We work to provide our commercial and residential clients with friendly, efficient services in Leduc County, Sherwood Park, Strathcona County and much more.


Whether you’re septic tank has backed up into your office or you’re afraid that your recent backyard excavation has affected the integrity of your septic tank’s structure. We can come to your home or business to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

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